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First off some information on drugs for those of you who are unfamiliar with the subject.

Combat Boosters in eve can be used in a number of ways. The way I use them and the way most people use them is to gain a competitive advantage in pvp. Some of my fits cannot even be flown properly without the assistance of particular drug variants. Some people will also use them in pve to make site running easier/faster. Finally the strong variants are a must for capital pilots but if you have gotten that far in spaceship command I’m sure you are already familiar with the bonuses.

Skills affecting boosters

  • Biology – This is the main skill you need in order to start using. Each additional level grants you a longer high. 20% longer to be exact. Since each booster besides quafe zero has a default duration of 30 minutes, each level increases duration by 6 additional minutes — up to a maximum time of 1 hour.
  • Neurotoxin Control – Formerly known as Nanite Control. This is the pricey one. Books range from 200-250m but they are extremely important especially as you try the stronger variants. This skill modifies the severity of any acquired side effects during consumption (more on this later). Each level decreases side effect strength by 5%. For example, standard strength variants have a side effect reduction of -20% off a particular attribute. That means 5% off that 20% or a reduction of 1% per level.
  • Neurotoxin Recovery – This one is much cheaper ~20-30m per book. However in order to train this one you need the expensive one trained to level one before able to plug this one in. This one modifies the overall chance of getting a side effect (very important). Each level is also a 5% reduction to the chance of getting a side effect.


  • Slot 8 (BY-8) – Further increase to booster duration. 5% costs about 20m – 10% costs about 100m
  • Slot 9 (NC-9) – Further increase to side effect reduction. 3% costs only a few hundred thousand – 5% costs 200m. Highly recommend the 3% for cheap clones if the slot is free.
  • Slot 10 (NR-1) – Further increase to side effect chance. 3% costs only a few hundred thousand – 5% costs 150m. Again, highly recommend the 3% if the slot is free.

The goods

First off I want to explain the side effects as they deter many people from using. When you show info on a booster you will see an assload of scary as hell side effects. How it works is when you take the booster based on your side effect chance the game flips an unbalanced coin. For me its a 15.8% chance of getting a side effect. So for each possible side effect the games flips this coin – 15.8% of the time I will catch it, the other 84.2% of the time I won’t. It does this for each individual side effect. It is not you get them all if it lands in the 15.8% range. A common mistake to make.

One final thing to consider is the slot each booster takes. Slot 1 is used for defensive boosters. Slot 2 is used for offensive boosters. Slot 3 is used for missiles only.

Format – Booster effect – slot – Boost strength (std/imp/strong) – side effect chance (std/imp/strong)

  • Blue Pill – +Shield Rep – 1 – (20%/25%/30%) – (20%/30%/40%)
  • Crash – -Explosion Radius – 3 – (20%/25%/30%) – (20%/30%/40%)
  • Drop – +Tracking Speed – 2 – (25%/31.25%/37.5%) – (20%/30%/40%)
  • Exile – +Armor Rep – 1 – (20%/25%/30%) – (20%/30%/40%)
  • Frentix – +Optimal – 2 – (10%/15%/20%) – (20%/30%/40%)
  • Mindflood – +Capacitor Capacity – 1 – (10%/15%/20%) – (20%/30%/40%)
  • Sooth Sayer – +Falloff – 2 – (10%/15%/20%) – (20%/30%/40%)
  • X-Instinct – -Signature Radius – 1 – (7.5%/11.25%/15%) – (20%/30%/40%)

In closing, boosters rock and my service rocks more. If this information has swayed you or you are already a regular booster user — here’s a forum post with more information.

In the post there is a link to an auto-updated price list. Also currently I have a surplus of Standard Blue Pill. They can go as low as 2.85m per depending on quantity. As always feel free to message or convo Saucemeister in game. You may also join the in game channel “Narcotics” if I am not available.

Happy hunting,